Tarifa Surf Spots

A small Guide of Tarifa Surf Spots

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SPOTS MAP – Click Here for Tarifa’s Surf\Kitesurf\Windsurf Spots Map

Normally in Tarifa there are surfable waves if a Swell is coming from West and there is enough period (10/12 sec). The wind affect as well on the waves conditions:

  • In case the wind is blowing from East and the Swell is coming from West or South it creates perfects pipes.
  • In case there is no wind, if the period of the swell coming from West is enough, is possible to surf on perfect glassy waves(usually in the morning)
  • In case of medium/strong wind coming from West the result is a really wavy and scrambled sea. Is not good for Surfing. Take your kite and go wave Surfing strapless! Is the best thing you can do!

All the Tarifa Surf Spots work on Mid-Tide. Usually there are not surfable waves on high tide or low tide. Is better to go surfing while the tide is starting to go Up or when the tide is starting to go Down.

The best seasons for surfing in Tarifa are Autumn, Winter and Spring. In Summer usually is just windy and there are no storms coming from west.

  • El Balneario

Well known as the “City spot”, El balneario, is the first spot you can find in Tarifa. Located just in front of the “El Chiringuito Lounge bar”, with his sandy beach is the perfect spot for advanced riders and beginners too. Is really famous for his medium/big pipes created by the East wind. Normally the spot is really crowded.

Locals usually stay in the left side of the spot where the waves are bigger. Intermedate and beginners have to stay away from this area due to the strong currents that can be created by the water flooding out.

Be careful with the 3 big rocks in the proximity of the shore. For the beginners is safer to surf to the right of them.

If you are coming by Van/Camper, during the summer, is really hard to park and sleep in. Police can ask you to go away. There are not so many parkings close to this spot.

During the summer is possible to use the beach showers(in autumn, winter and spring the showers are closed)

Click Here For Playa Balneario’s Cam

  • Playa de Los Lances Sur

tarifa surf spotWhere “El Balneario” finish, at the height of the chiringuito “A tu Aire”, start the beach of Los Lances Sur. This is a Huge sandy beach with serveral picks and 3 kms long. Is reccomended for beginners and intermediate riders to surf in this Area. For the enteir lenght of the beach there are no rocks.

If you are coming by Van/Camper there are several parkings where you can stay. Remember, in Spain is alloud to sleep on your veichle but not camping! In summertime if police see you camp with tables and chairs can give you a fee.

During the summer is possible to use the beach showers(in autumn, winter and spring the showers are closed)

  • Riojara

Located in the mouth of the river “Rio Jara” and just 2 km from Tarifa. When the tides are strong the sea flood on the beach and create a big lagoon. From high tide to mid tide is a good surfable spot. The water flooding out from the lagoon can create perfect waves.

For reach this spot you have to park your car at the “Cepsa” gas station on the “Carretera n340”. Cross the main street and walk towards the beach. From the gas station you are more or less 10 min walk from Rio Jara’s Spot.

Next to the Gas Station you can taste real Spanish Food at good price. Meson “El Pozuelo” is one of the best Andalucian’s Restaurants of Tarifa. Lunch menu at fix price (usually 10€)

There are no showers close to this spot.

Click Here For Los Lances Norte’s Cam

  • Arte Vida

Surf lessons

Is the spot in front of the ClubTarifa Natural Surf House. Is located just 5 min walk from the Villa. The beach is rocky/sandy and create several picks. Is a really good spot for every kind of rider. Normally the wind affect less then in the others spots. Can lift up 3m waves while working in perfect conditions. Normally the waves can be 1 or 2m high.

For beginners is better to surf on the left side of the spots beacause there are less rocks. If you are learning surfing is reccomend to wear an helmet.

If you come with your camping car or van you can park in the proximity of “Arte Vida Hotel” (nice fish/mediterrean restaurant) under a lovely pine grove in front of the beach.

Is possible also park close to the Chiringuito Agua or Chiringuito Waves. This parking is extended along the coast for more then a kilometer and is only 5/10 min walk from Arte Vida’s Spot. The two Chiringuitos provide bar/restaurant service, shower and toilet. There are no publich showers on this beach.

The Club “Tarifa Natural Surf House” is located just 500m from “Los Lances Norte” beach and Arte Vida/Hurricane spot! (5 min walk)

Click Here For Arte Vida’s Cam

  • Hurricane

Is a small rocky spot next to “Arte Vida”. Reccomended just for advanced riders. Enter to the pick is really hard due to the rocks on the bottom. In case of wipe outs or crash try to cover your head because when the wave start breaking the water is not so deep.

The spot got one main pick located just in front of the wooden ladder necessary to reach the beach. There are some more picks allround the main pick. Due to the rocks it lift up perfect waves if the swell is enough strong.

If you come with your camping car you can park directly in front of the spot.

No showers on this spot.

  • The “Bunker” (Secret Spot)

Is the best spot of Tarifa. A perfect peak on a rocky beach. In perfect conditions can be much better then the others spots. The rocks create a a peak with a powerful right/left wave. Only for locals and experts.

  • Punta Paloma

tarifa surf spot

Is the farest spot from Tarifa’s Town. Work just on certain conditions. Lift up a really good right longboard wave. If you come with your camping car you can park directly in front of the spot but there are no showers(Casa de Porros Parking).

There are 3 chiringuitos close to this spot: Chiringuito Volare, Chiringuito Tangana and Chiringuito Tumbao.

Click Here For Punta Paloma’s Cam

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