Tarifa is a small town in the province of Cadiz, Andalucia, on the southernmost coast of Spain. The town is located in the “Costa de la Luz” and across the Straits of Gibraltar facing the moroccan coast. Well known as the Europe Capital of Wind!

The city of Tarifa flow through the waters of Mediterrean Sea and Atlantic Ocean; Morocco is visibile with naked eye because just 14 km of sea divide the two continents.

Africa 15 kmOnce you get to Tarifa you’re involved by the magic view of an hybrid environment. The 8 km beach of “Los Lances” looks like’s never ending; the green hills and the mountains on the north of the city are the gates of the natural park of “Los Arcornocales”. At the end of the “Los Lances” beach, the winds blowing for years and years, formed an incredible sand dune as well known as the “Duna de Valdevaqueros”. Valdevaqueros is the farest beach of Tarifa’s landscape.

Hopfully the environment allround Tarifa is preserved intact. The beaches looks really wild, there are no big building contructed along the coast, insthead there are few smalls chiringuitos where people can have special mojitos, smoothies, sangria or just a fresh beer!

The city of Tarifa is not so huge. The old town area is sorrounded by medieval walls and can be visited just in a few hours. Walking thorugh the suggestive and tiny streets of the historical center will bring you back in medieval times. The castle of “Guzman el Bueno” is open to all the visitors, close to the main square “La plaza del Alameda” you can find a tipical market who the locals sell delicious fresh fish and bio vegetables typical products of the are. The best fish you can eat in Tarifa is the “red tuna”. Every year, usually in june, it’s celebrate the epic “Ruta del atun”. A lots of bars and restaurants are choosed for compete on a gastronomic challenge with the red tPuerta de jerez tarifa natural surf houseuna as protagonist. Tourists and non are the judges of these unusual competition. They are alloud to eat the wonderful “tuna tapas” and vote for them.

The red tuna is not the only protagonist. In the smart and small restaurants of the town you can get a taste of real andalucian’s special dishes. By the night, the youngest, don’t have time to get bored. Bars stay opened ’till 3 in the morning and clubs ’till sunrise. The small “surf style” bars are appreciated for their sweet and elaborated cocktails. Mojito is the best! Almost every night you can find a bar where people or groups are playing music and enjoying the “Tarifa’s Vibration”.

Be careful! Tarifa is Dangerous! You’ll never come back home once you get in!