Start your kitesurf lessons in Tarifa Today! Tarifa Natural Surf Club, all equipment north kite 2015 and ION and accomodation 5 min from the Kite Spot!

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Tarifa Kitesurf lessons

After becoming part of the Surf Club every member can join the Kitesurf lessons organized by the Surf Club. CLick here for more infos about Surf Club Membership.

Tarifa Kitesurf lessons in group from 50€ per day!

All equipment North 2017 and ION included in the price: Wetsuit, harness, safety Jacket, kite, board and bar.

Kitesurf lessons for any Level, Beginners, Intermedate or Advanced!

Rescue boat service in front of the Surf Club from June to September during off shore wind days!

Private kitesurf lessons from 49€ per hour!

IKO (international kiteboarding organization) and FAV (andalusian sailing federation) Certified instructors

Tarifa Natural Surf Club is only 5 minutes walk from the Kite Area of “Los Lances Norte”. An enteir 3 km beach dedicated to schools and served by Rescue Boats; also for private riders and people who rent.

kitesurf classes

Tarifa Kitesurfing Center

Kitesurf Lessons in collaboration with the Kiteschool Radikite Tarifa.

All instructor IKO certified (international kiteboarding organization) and FAV (andalusian sailing federation)

Group lesson of maximum 4 Students, 2 kites flying and 1 Kiteboarding instructor

All Kitesurf gear North 2017 and ION

We are just 5 minutes walk from the Kite Spot!

Tarifa Kitesurf

How are the Kitesurf lessons organized?

On a 3 days course you’ll touch the spirit of this magic sport!

1st day – Discover

Learn how to mount and fly an inflatable kite safely on land, know how the security system work, launch and land your kite with an assistant, theory on wind window and power zones, spots risks and winds.

2nd day – Body Dragging

Learn the basics movements while dragged by your kite on the water without the board. Bodydrag downwind, power bodydrag, one hand bodydrag upwind and bodydrag while grabbing the board.

3rd Day – Water Start

Learn the “steady pull basics” and attempt your first waterstarts, is the hardest part of the Kitesurf Lessons. Once you are able to stand up and do a short ride you’ll learn the basics on ride positions and ride mostly downwind.

4th Day – Riding

From the 4th day normally students starts to intend how to control the power of the kite and ride short rides and stop safely, self rescue and correct the position of the body for start edging and ride upwind.

*Kitesurfing is an extreme sport. Is unbelivable to be able to kite after a 3 or 4 days course. Depending on the level of the students, a 3 days course give you the basics to practice without create any danger on the beach. By our experience as kitesurf instructors a minimum of 5/6 days is necessary to a student to become indipendent without create any risk for the others and for himself.

kitesurf lessons

Tarifa Kitesurf Lessons prices

*all the prices includes: equipment North 2017 and ION, wetsuit, harness, safety jacket, kite, board and bar. Rc and Accidents insurance, rescue boat and transport to the Kite Spots

* price per person

Group Kitesurf Lessons (alvailabe only during Spring and Summer)

70€ per 1 day (3 hours)

120€ per 2 days(6 hours)

180€ per 3 days(9 hours)

55€ per day from the 4th day

*groups are formed by maximum 4 students, 2 kites flying and 1 Kitesurf Instructor

Private Kitesurf lessons

98€ per 1 day (2 hours)

196€ per 2 days (4 hours)

294€ per 3 days (6 hours)

98€ per each extra Kitesurf lesson

*1 student, 1 kite flying and 1 Kitesurf instructor

Semi-Private Kitesurf lessons (minimum 2 participants)

90€ per 1 day (3 hours)

180€ per 2 days (6 hours)

270€ per 3 days (9 hours)

90€ per each extra Kitesurf lesson

*price per person and alvailable with a minimum of 2 participants

*max 2 students, 2 kites flying and 1 Kitesurf instructor

tarifa kitesurf lessons

How to book my KiteSurf lessons  in Tarifa ?

For the booking or informations about KiteSurf please contact us on or Phone +34 671 967 967 or fill the form below

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