Surfing Algarve 2015 – Video ‘n Report

Video and Report of our last Surf Trip – Surfing Algarve Autumn 2015



Surfing Algarve  Autumn 2015 – Report

The Summer was over and every day was getting shorter and shorter…After the whole season spent working at the Club the best choice was to take our CamperVans and travel to the nearby Portugal!

Tarifa Natural Surf House Club is not so far from Sagres, only 450 km!

Sagres is a small Town at “The end of the World“! Situated between “Cabo San Vincente” and “Punta Sagres”, the village of Sagres is at the most South-Western point of the Iberian Peninsula..from there, there is nothing! Just a “Flat Ocean” for miles miles and miles!

So, we decided to travel towards the end of the World!

Once we arrived to Sagres we discovered that the Ocean isn’t Flat! There were Surfers everywhere, Surf Shops, Nomad Surfers with the strangest Campers you have never seen  and Waves, Yes! Waves, a lot of Waves!

“Surfing for Algarve” is like “Eating pasta for Italians”…have always a good taste!


surfing algarve


Surf Spots and Conditions

From Sagres within 30 km there are more than 10 Surf Spots. We surfed almost every day! The waves conditions in Autumn are really good, the water is enough warm and the Sun shine almost every day. Sometimes can be windy and cold but we surfed till the middle of December with a 4/3 Wetsuit! Not Bad!

Depending on conditions is possible to choose wich coast is better for surfing. When waves are coming from North or North-West the “West Coast” is the best choiche. With no wind or Off-Shore wind the spots on the West Coast are working really good, are really wide and not so Crowded.

Some problems can may be caused due to North Wind. If there is medium strong north wind the result is a Scrambled Sea and Big waves. Sometimes is not good for surfing.

The “South Coast” work quite differently. It’s good to Surf in the South if the storms are coming from West or South-West. It’s also good when “Really Heavy Storms” are coming from the North or North-West. With South-East wind can be difficult to surf in the South Coast but, the two spots of Sagres (Beliche and Tonel) are well repaired from the wind.

When there is like and Hurricane Coming from the North the only surfable spot is Mareta!

Beliche, Tonel and Mareta are the closest spots of Sagres. Sometimes are crowded, mostly at weekend.

Surfing algarve surf spots portugal

How to move

We travelled by Camping car. Algarve is really Camping Car Friendly, the campings are cheap and the food and drinks also. During our trip we visited and surfed the spots of Bordeira, Amado, Cordoama, Beliche, Tonel, Mareta and Zavial. All these spots are really wide except for Beliche. Beliche is normally crowded but the shore create a nice “Shore Break”, it’s really funny!

If you intend to visit and Surfing Alrgave we suggest to rent a car or travel by van, if possible…If you come by plane and you’r not able to rent a car the best choiche is to go to Sagres, all the spots can be easly reached by walk/hitchiking. The Accomodation in Sagres is Cheap. 10 or 15 euros per one night. If you need to rent or take Surf Lessons you are in the right place!

surfing algarve

A lot of surfers are travelling allround Europe and if you’d like to be in California but you can’t, Go to Surfing Algarve!

At the end …

We hope you liked our Video! More videos of our trips are coming soon! Follow us on Facebook and Youtube and if you like what you see…give us your Thumb Up!!!

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