The Tarifa Kitesurf Spot Survival Guide!

Do you know all the Tarifa Kitesurf Spot ???

Called european wind Mecca and located in the southest point of Spain, Tarifa, is one of the most beautiful towns of Andalucia. Flow thorough the east from the Mediterrean Sea, flow thorough the west from the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Tarifa is separate from the Moroccan coast just from 15 kms of water. Ready to know all the secrets about the Tarifa Kitesurf spot ???

During all over the year the winds blows constantly between Mediterrean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The Levante wind coming from east and the Poniente wind coming from west channel their power between Africa and Europe giving born to an incomparable show. The Air Mass passing through the two continents start a Venturi Effect that let winds blow up to 50 or more knots. That’s why Tarifa is one of the most impressive Kitesurfing and Surfing spots of Europe.

tarifa kitesurf spot

SPOTS MAP – Click Here for Tarifa’s Surf\Kitesurf\Windsurf Spots Map

There is no better place to learn kitesurf and windsurf then tarifa. The beaches are huge, the wind blow for the 90% of the days of the year and the Nightlife is awesome!

Now have a look to the description of every single spot!

Tarifa Kitesurf Spot Survival Guide

Tarifa KiteSurf Spot – A complete guide for Ride Safe, enjoy the Sea and respect the others

  • Playa Chica

Playa Chica is the first spot of Tarifa. The huge island Las Palomas divide Playa Chica’s
Beach and Balneario’s Beach. In Playa Chica The Levante wind blow with side-on direction. With his medium-big waves formed when the levante blow, Playa Chica’s spot is one of the favourite by windsurfer.

Click Here For Playa Chica/Balneario’s Cam

  • El Balneario

La playa del Balneario is located on the right side of Playa Chica.

Here the levante blow with side-off direction. Balneario’s spot is famous for his Flat water and strong constant wind. Is the perfect spot to for radical Freestylers.These spot is reccomended for advanced rider only because the side-off wind, in case of accident, will pull you far in the sea. The windy area of these spot is really small due to the buildings close to the beach. Never pass the rocks in the right part of the spot! Is one of the bests Tarifa KiteSurf Spot and the harder also!

tarifa kitesurf spot

If you are coming by Van/Camper, during the summer, is really hard to park and sleep in. Police can ask you to go away. There are not so many parkings close to this spot.

During the summer is possible to use the beach showers(in autumn, winter and spring showers are closed)

Click Here For Playa Chica/Balneario’s Cam

  • Playa de Los Lances Norte/Sur

Los Lances Sur Beach start from the city of Tarifa(nex to Balneario’s spot) and finish 3 kms after at the heights of the Rio Jara river. Levante wind is blowing with side-off direction. Is not reccomended to kite with levante in front of the buildings of the city due to gusts. Poniente wind blow with side-on direction. When poniente wind is blowing is possible to kite on all the lenght of the beach. During summertime (june august and september) is not alloud to ride on this beach because is reserved to tourists,swimmers and people that just want to sunbath.

The Los lances Norte beach is well known as kite school area and a spot for riders with any level. It start at the height of the Rio Jara river and finish at the height of Hurricane hotel.

tarifa kitesurf spot

During Levante days the wind blow strong with side-off direction, instead during Poniente days, the direction of the wind is side-on and often lift up to three meters waves. From the first of june till the 30th of september is available a Boat Rescue Service offered by Sea Angels. During these period it’s possible KiteSurfing safely, with side-off wind, by buying a rescue voucher. The Rescue voucher cost 30 euro per 2 rescues or 50 euros per 5 rescues. The voucher is valid from the 1st of june to the 30th of september of the year in course.

Due to his lenght and the rescue service is the best spot you can choose to ride safely in a non crowded Kite Area.

The Tarifa Natural Surf House is located just 500m from Los Lances Norte beach! (5 min walk)

Click Here For Los Lances Norte’s Cam


  • Playa de Valdevaqueros and Punta Paloma

Valdevaqueros beach is the last one of Tarifa and is extended to Punta paloma .In these spot is possible to do all of kind watersport with safety during all year. Thanks to his cove shape, when the wind blow side off, in case of accident there are no risks to get drag in the middle of the sea by the wind. When the Rescue Boat Service of Los Lances Norte’s beach is unavailable(autumn, winter and spring), ride in Valdevaqueros, is the best choice for Kitesurfing and Windsurfing in safe. Due to his position and the mountain of La Pena behind, during non windy days, a thermal wind start blowing if the temperature is really high. Usually this wind can blow up to 18/25 knots for 3 or for hours.

tarifa kitesurf spot

During summer is a Really Crowded Area! Hundreds of Kitesurfers, Windsurfers and people sunbathing. The beach is not so wide and it’s only 1 km long. Be careful! In summertime we reccomend to by a Rescue Voucher and practice your favourite sport in the beach of Los Lances Norte.

Click Here For Valdevaqueros’s Cam


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